03 January 2021



A mix of studio recordings to match the track list of the live 2CD set "Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe - An Evening Of Yes Music Plus" recorded in 1989 and released in 1993.

1 Time And A Word by Yes
2 Owner Of A Lonely Heart by Yes
3 Teakbois by Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe
4 Clap / Mood For A Day by Steve Howe
5 Madrigal by Yes
6 Catherine Parr by Rick Wakeman
7 Merlin The Magician by Rick Wakeman
8 Long Distance Runaround by Yes
9 Birthright by Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe
10 And You And I: a.Cord Of Life b.Eclipse c.The Preacher The Teacher d.Apocalypse by Yes
11 Close To The Edge: a.The Solid Time Of Change b.Total Mass Retain c.I Get Up I Get Down d.Seasons Of Man by Yes
12 Themes: a.Sound b.Second Attention c.Soul Warrior by Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe
13 Brother Of Mine: a.The Big Dream b.Nothing Can Come Between Us c.Long Lost Brother Of Mine by Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe
14 Heart Of The Sunrise by Yes
15 Order Of The Universe: a.Order Theme b.Rock Gives Courage c.It's So Hard To Grow d.The Universe by Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe
16 Roundabout by Yes

TRAFFIC ON THE ROAD [1973] studio matching mix


A mix of studio recordings to match the track list of the double live album "Traffic On The Road" released in 1973.

1 Glad
2 Freedom Rider
3 Tragic Magic
4 (Sometimes I Feel So) Uninspired
5 Shoot Out At The Fantasy Factory
6 Light Up Or Leave Me Alone
7 Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys

11 October 2020

25 September 2020

Montreux Festival [1974] Expanded, feat Albert King, Chico Hamilton, Canned Heat, Freddie King


An expanded version of an album released by Stax Records in 1974.

All tracks recorded live at The Montreux Blues & Jazz Festival, Switzerland, which was held from Friday, 29 June 1973 until Sunday, 15 July 1973.

Original album: tracks 3 to 8

1. Have You Ever Loved A Woman (live 1973) - Freddie King
2. I'll Play The Blues For You (live 1973) - Albert King
3. In View (live 1973) - Chico Hamilton
4. Let Me Down Easy (live 1973) - Little Milton
5. We're Gonna Make It (live 1973) - Little Milton
6. Don't Make No Sense (live 1973) - Albert King
7. Stormy Monday Blues (live 1973) - Albert King
8. For The Love Of A Woman (live 1973) - Albert King
9. On The Road Again (live 1973) - Canned Heat
10. Please Mr Nixon (live 1973) - Canned Heat with Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown
11. Worried Life Blues (live 1973) - Canned Heat with Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown
12. About My Ooh Poo Pah Doo (live 1973) - Canned Heat with Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown
13. Let's Work Together (live 1973) - Canned Heat
14. Shake 'n Boogie (live 1973) - Canned Heat

Please also take a listen to:

Music Of Our Time [South Africa 1971] Expanded, feat Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Chicago, Janis Joplin


In 1971, CBS South Africa released a budget sampler album, which introduced me to a number of great bands and artists.

I have compiled all of the 18 songs from that album into this mix, and then expanded it with another 18 songs off the same albums that were originally sampled.

1. Livin' In Heat - Chase
2. In And Out Of Love - The Rascals
3. Nightmare #5 - Al Kooper
4. Lowdown - Chicago
5. If Not For You - Bob Dylan
6. Celebration - Argent
7. Wrong End Of The Rainbow - Tom Rush
8. Devil Lady - Dreams
9. Blackpatch - Laura Nyro
10. Things Yet To Come - Sweathog
11. Se A Cabo - Santana
12. Famous Blue Raincoat - Leonard Cohen
13. Jumpin' Jack Flash (live 1970) - Johnny Winter
14. Get It - Music Corporation
15. C'mon (live 1971) - Poco
16. Move Over - Janis Joplin & The Full Tilt Boogie Band
17. Give It Everything You Got - Edgar Winter's White Trash
18. Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me) - Blood, Sweat & Tears
19. Get It On - Chase
20. Cry Baby - Janis Joplin & The Full Tilt Boogie Band
21. Love Letter - The Rascals
22. The Ballad Of The Hard Rock Kid - Al Kooper
23. The Approaching Storm - Chicago
24. The Man In Me - Bob Dylan
25. Chained - Argent
26. Jazzman - Tom Rush
27. Try Me - Dreams
28. Beads Of Sweat - Laura Nyro
29. Still On The Road - Sweathog
30. Hope You're Feeling Better - Santana
31. Last Year's Man - Leonard Cohen
32. Johnny B Goode (live 1970) - Johnny Winter
33. Are You Ready - Music Corporation
34. I Guess You Made It (live 1971) - Poco
35. Keep Playin' That Rock 'n Roll - Edgar Winter's White Trash
36. Go Down Gamblin' - Blood, Sweat & Tears

08 September 2020

Deep Purple - Live & Blue [South Africa 1996] Re-imagined and Expanded

A re-imagined and expanded mix of a live compilation CD released in South Africa-only in 1996.

Original CD: tracks 4, 1, 10, 11 (listed, but not included), 12, 6, 9, 2, 13 (studio version)

The original CD is a compilation of live tracks (and one studio release) released in 1996 in South Africa only. There are a number of mistakes in track timings, cover art and general info, but don't let this distract you from a great listening experience. The CD was compiled from 3 Connoisseur Collection live CDs, plus the studio out-take (and b-side) "When A Blind Man Cries".

According to the album cover, Glenn Hughes and Tommy Bolin are both left-handed guitarists. This is the same photo as on "Foxbat", just reversed and with a different logo style. The title on the cover is "Live & Blue", but on the spine it says "Out Of The Mists Of Time" (and on the actual disc the title is "The Deep Purple Connection"!).

Track list

1 Speed King (live in Stockholm 1970)
2 Child In Time (live in Stockholm 1970)
3 Paint It Black (live in Stockholm 1970)
4 Black Night (live in Stockholm 1970)
5 Strange Kind Of Woman (live in Long Beach, California 1971)
6 Burn (live Graz 1975)
7 Stormbringer (live Graz 1975)
8 The Gypsy (live in Paris 1975)
9 Mistreated (live in Paris 1975) incl Rock Me Baby
10 Smoke On The Water (live in Long Beach, California 1976) incl Georgia On My Mind
11 Going Down (live in Springfield, Massachusetts 1976)
12 Highway Star (live in Long Beach, California 1976) incl Not Fade Away
13 When A Blind Man Cries (live in Japan 1993)


19 August 2020

Space Hymns Revisited, A Ramases-inspired Mix


One of my all-time favourite albums revisited. Remixes, out-takes and cover versions all taken from the 'Ramases Complete Discography' 6CD set.


1. Life Child (remix 2012) - Ramases Incarnate
2. Hello Mister - Blonde From Fargo feat Casey O Day
3. And The Whole World - Martin Ekman
4. Quasar One (out-take version) - Ramases
5. You're The Only One - Hugo
6. Earth People - The NoMen
7. Molecular Delusion - Douya
8. Balloon - Ethan Gold
9. Dying Swan Year 2000 - Haroula Rose
10. Jesus Come Back - Julia Othmer
11. Journey To The Inside - The Space Monks feat The Subatomic Alliance