08 September 2020

Deep Purple - Live & Blue [South Africa 1996] Re-imagined and Expanded

A re-imagined and expanded mix of a live compilation CD released in South Africa-only in 1996.

Original CD: tracks 4, 1, 10, 11 (listed, but not included), 12, 6, 9, 2, 13 (studio version)

The original CD is a compilation of live tracks (and one studio release) released in 1996 in South Africa only. There are a number of mistakes in track timings, cover art and general info, but don't let this distract you from a great listening experience. The CD was compiled from 3 Connoisseur Collection live CDs, plus the studio out-take (and b-side) "When A Blind Man Cries".

According to the album cover, Glenn Hughes and Tommy Bolin are both left-handed guitarists. This is the same photo as on "Foxbat", just reversed and with a different logo style. The title on the cover is "Live & Blue", but on the spine it says "Out Of The Mists Of Time" (and on the actual disc the title is "The Deep Purple Connection"!).

Track list

1 Speed King (live in Stockholm 1970)
2 Child In Time (live in Stockholm 1970)
3 Paint It Black (live in Stockholm 1970)
4 Black Night (live in Stockholm 1970)
5 Strange Kind Of Woman (live in Long Beach, California 1971)
6 Burn (live Graz 1975)
7 Stormbringer (live Graz 1975)
8 The Gypsy (live in Paris 1975)
9 Mistreated (live in Paris 1975) incl Rock Me Baby
10 Smoke On The Water (live in Long Beach, California 1976) incl Georgia On My Mind
11 Going Down (live in Springfield, Massachusetts 1976)
12 Highway Star (live in Long Beach, California 1976) incl Not Fade Away
13 When A Blind Man Cries (live in Japan 1993)


19 August 2020

Space Hymns Revisited, A Ramases-inspired Mix


One of my all-time favourite albums revisited. Remixes, out-takes and cover versions all taken from the 'Ramases Complete Discography' 6CD set.


1. Life Child (remix 2012) - Ramases Incarnate
2. Hello Mister - Blonde From Fargo feat Casey O Day
3. And The Whole World - Martin Ekman
4. Quasar One (out-take version) - Ramases
5. You're The Only One - Hugo
6. Earth People - The NoMen
7. Molecular Delusion - Douya
8. Balloon - Ethan Gold
9. Dying Swan Year 2000 - Haroula Rose
10. Jesus Come Back - Julia Othmer
11. Journey To The Inside - The Space Monks feat The Subatomic Alliance

10 August 2020

Deep Purple - Mark I & II [1973] Re-imagined & Expanded

Deep Purple - Mark I & II [1973] Re-imagined & Expanded

A re-imagined and expanded mix of a 1973 compilation album from one of my all-time favourite bands, Deep Purple.

This compilation was the album that introduced me to the early days of Deep Purple. This collection of singles and album tracks from the Deep Purple Mark I and Mark II back-catalogue, was released in late 1973 in South Africa on the Purple Records label. It was also released around the world, but I have never seen an official CD re-issue.

This was the first album release in the world of "When A Blind Man Cries" (previously only available as the b-side of the "Never Before" single), which was a very popular track in South Africa in the 70's and even received radio play. "Woman From Tokyo" was listed as only being 2.44 long (the single edit), but the full-length album version (5.47) was actually featured on my LP. 

Track List


1 Hush
2 River Deep, Mountain High (single edit)
3 Kentucky Woman (single edit)
4 Mandrake Root
5 Hey Joe
6 Help!
7 Wring That Neck
8 Emmaretta
9 Chasing Shadows
10 Why Didn't Rosemary


11 Black Night
12 Speed King
13 Child In Time
14 Into The Fire
15 Grabsplatter (BBC)
16 Fireball
17 Strange Kind Of Woman
18 Never Before (single edit)
19 Pictures Of Home
20 Space Truckin'
21 When A Blind Man Cries
22 Highway Star (live in Japan 1972)
23 Smoke On The Water (live in Japan 1972) single edit 1973
24 Woman From Tokyo
25 Rat Bat Blue


Mark I

Rod Evans – vocals
Ritchie Blackmore – guitar
Jon Lord – keyboards
Nick Simper – bass
Ian Paice – drums

Mark II

Ian Gillan – vocals
Ritchie Blackmore – guitar
Jon Lord – keyboards
Roger Glover – bass
Ian Paice – drums

King Crimson - A Young Person's Guide To King Crimson [1976] Re-imagined & Expanded


King Crimson - A Young Person's Guide To King Crimson [1976] Re-imagined & Expanded

A re-imagined & expanded mix of a compilation album released in 1975.

A number of the tracks were edited on the original vinyl, however I have used the full length versions for this mix, and also added a few more songs at the end.

Original album 

Tracks 1, 2 (edit), 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (single version), 11, 12 (coda only), 13 (edit), 14, 15

Track List

1 Epitaph incl March For No Reason & Tomorrow And Tomorrow
2 Cadence & Cascade
3 Ladies Of The Road
4 I Talk To The Wind (Giles, Giles & Fripp version)
5 Red 
6 Starless 
7 The Night Watch
8 Book Of Saturday 
9 Peace: A Theme 
10 Cat Food 
11 Groon 
12 Larks' Tongues In Aspic, part I
13 Moonchild incl The Dream & The Illusion
14 Trio 
15 The Court Of The Crimson King incl The Return Of The Fire Witch & The Dance Of The Puppets
16 Sailor's Tale 
17 21st Century Schizoid Man incl Mirrors
18 Larks' Tongues In Aspic, part II 
19 Peace: An End

Let The Good Times Roll [1973] Re-imagined & Expanded Film Soundtrack


Let The Good Times Roll [1973] Re-imagined & Expanded Film Soundtrack

A re-imagined and expanded soundtrack from the 1973 film "Let The Good Times Roll". I have also included songs featured in the film which were not on the original soundtrack album. I haven't ever seen this album available on CD, so most of the tracks are sourced from the original vinyl and some are from the actual film itself.

Track List

1. Let The Good Times Roll - Shirley & Lee
2. Documentary (The Beat, The Beat, The Beat)
3. Pony Time (live) - Chubby Checker
4. Let's Twist Again (live) - Chubby Checker
5. The Twist (live) - Chubby Checker
6. Documentary (Jersey)
7. Rock Around The Clock (live) - Bill Haley & His Comets
8. Shake, Rattle & Roll (live) - Bill Haley & His Comets
9. Documentary (Hicksville)
10. At The Hop (live) - Danny & The Juniors
11. Documentary (Fats Domino)
12. My Blue Heaven (live) - Fats Domino
13. Blueberry Hill (live) - Fats Domino
14. Introduction (live)
15. Everybody Loves A Lover (live) - The Shirelles
16. Soldier Boy (live) - The Shirelles
17. Documentary (The Coasters)
18. Introduction (Murray The K) (live)
19. Poison Ivy (live) - The Coasters
20. Charlie Brown (live) - The Coasters
21. Documentary (Bo Diddley)
22. Introduction (live)
23. I'm A Man (live) - Bo Diddley
24. Bo Diddley-itis (live) - Bo Diddley
25. Medley: Save The Last Dance / Those Oldies But Goodies (Reminds Me Of You) / Sincerely / Earth Angel / In The Still Of The Night (live) - The 5 Satins
26. I'll Be Seeing You (live) - The 5 Satins
27. Documentary (Little Richard)
28. Lucille (live) - Little Richard
29. Good Golly Miss Molly (live) - Little Richard
30. Rip It Up (live) - Little Richard
31. Poor Boy - The Royaltones
32. Documentary / Maybellene (Chuck Berry)
33. School Day (Ring Ring Goes The Bell) (live) - Chuck Berry
34. Sweet Little Sixteen (live) - Chuck Berry
35. Reelin' & Rockin' (live) - Chuck Berry
36. Bonsoir Cherie (Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight) / Johnny B Goode (live) - Chuck Berry & Bo Diddley

The Who - Pinball & Other Wizards '65 to '75 [1975] Re-imagined & Expanded

The Who - Pinball & Other Wizards '65 to '75 [1975] Re-imagined & Expanded

A re-imagined and expanded mix of a compilation album released in South Africa-only in 1975.

This was a South African-only 2LP compilation released in 1975. I first heard "Tommy" in the early 70's and had bought "The Who By Numbers" in 1975, and then this compilation introduced me to the furious madness of The Who's pre-Tommy catalogue.

It has the same track listing as the French and German releases, "The Best Of The Last Ten Years 1964 to 1974". 

However, despite the years mentioned in the titles, these compilations only actually go up to 1971, so I have added tracks up to 1975, and also opened with 'I Can't Explain', their first charting single, which had been omitted for some reason... I can't explain why.

Track List

1 I Can't Explain
2 My Generation
3 Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
4 Whiskey Man
5 Run Run Run
6 Boris The Spider
7 Heat Wave
8 Circles (Instant Party)
9 Batman Theme
10 Bucket T
11 Doctor Doctor
12 The Kids Are Alright
13 Substitute
14 I'm A Boy
15 Happy Jack
16 Pictures Of Lily
17 Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand
18 I Can See For Miles
19 Dogs
20 Call Me Lightning
21 Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
22 Magic Bus
23 Pinball Wizard
24 I'm Free
25 Young Man Blues (live 1970)
26 Summertime Blues (live 1970)
27 The Seeker
28 See Me, Feel Me / Listening To You (single edit)
29 Let's See Action
30 Won't Get Fooled Again
31 Baba O'Riley (Teenage Wasteland)
32 Behind Blue Eyes
33 Join Together
34 5:15
35 Love, Reign O'er Me
36 Long Live Rock
37 Squeeze Box
38 How Many Friends

24 June 2020

Rock Legends: Pink Floyd [1973 to 1983]

A mix of one of my all-time favourite bands, PINK FLOYD.

Not really a "Best Of" mix, but rather a re-imagining of their catalogue.
Dark Side Of The Moon [1973]
Wish You Were Here [1975]
Animals [1977]
The Wall [1979]
The Wall [1982] The Movie
Spare Bricks [1983] proposed album that ended up as ...
The Final Cut [1983]
Thanks to the Neptune Pink Floyd website for some sequence ideas for the second half of this mix, which is based on an unreleased album titled "SPARE BRICKS".

Track List

1 Shine On You Crazy Diamond, parts 2, 4 & 7 

2 The Travel Sequence 
3 Dogs 
4 Wish You Were Here (alt version) feat St├ęphane Grappelli
5 Pigs On The Wing, part 1 
6 Pigs (3 Different Ones) 
7 Pigs On The Wing, part 2 feat Snowy White
8 Sheep (early version) 
9 Breathe 
10 Any Colour You Like 
11 Breathe (reprise) 
12 Time 
13 Money (1981 version) 
14 Brain Damage / Eclipse (alt mix) 
15 When The Tigers Broke Free, part 1 
16 Your Possible Pasts 
17 One Of The Few 
18 Hero's Return 
19 When The Tigers Broke Free, part 2 
20 Mother (from The Wall film) 
21 What Shall We Do Now (from The Wall film) 
22 Another Brick In The Wall, part 3 (from The Wall film) 
23 Paranoid Eyes 
24 Hero's Return, part 2 
25 Bring The Boys Back Home (from The Wall film) 
26 The Fletcher Memorial Home 
27 In The Flesh (from The Wall film) feat Bob Geldof
28 The Final Cut 
29 The Show Must Go On 
30 It's Never Too Late